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Welcome to our dedicated page to Live Roulette. Our site is all about how to play roulette live. We will show you the best casino’s, the best offers and the best way to play online roulette.
We try to get you the best deals around and we will guide you to the best way of playing roulette live.

Roulette is the most popular of all the casino games, the reason for this is that it requires no skills and you do not have to think as much like poker or blackjack. Also Roulette has a lot of different ways to place your bets.
On the roulette wheel there are 37 or 38 numbers, depending on the type of game. You can play either french or American roulette. The difference is that with the American version there is only one 0 and on the French there are the 0 and 00. Both of them are green.

The game is rather simple. The person who is spinning, the croupier, will spin the ball in the opposite direction the wheel is spinning. When the croupier notices that ball is about to hit the numbers, he will call out “No more bets”. This means you can no longer place bets on the table. In the online version this is different, you will need to place your bet before the ball will spin.

We prefer to play roulette live. This gives a vibe you will also find in the regular rick & mortar casino’s. There is an actual croupier taking your bets and spinning the wheel.
The roulette game can be played with tactics, however you can also just leave it plain to luck.

As many of you know Roulette is a game of chance, however there are ways to beat the system, if you click on the right button above this text, we will show you how you can actually make money of gambling.

All of our other sections will describe the game of Roulette and where you can play it with the best experience.

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